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Google “Hate IE”

This tickled me;"because+IE+sucks" It's code in the Google code library that essentially is a work around to work in Internet Explorer, ode to the frustration things like this causes it's been commented with "Because IE sucks".  But below is the most amusing thing I stumbled across ..."i+hate+IE" Proof Google hate IE, lol.
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Why Web Developers Hate Internet Explorer

Why Web Developers Hate Internet Explorer Years ago I used to browse the internet with IE6 and from a user's perspective I didn't really think much about the performance of the program, the speed of download or tabbed browsing. As far as I was concerned that was the the internet and that was how it…
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The New Blog

Hey Guys, I've just installed the new blog for the site,  and we've got a bunch of articles ready to post. Just thought I'd send a message to say hello. Samuel
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