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Tweet in Twitter

Tweet In Twitter

Today we will talk about how to use online SMS (Short Messaging Service) as a powerful way to twitter with other people in the internet. You got right. We will learn how to use the popular tweeting site Twitter as our conduit for generating tremendous traffic into our own website. Hopefully we could understand how Twitter works and also get some pretty simple tips to start tweeting. Known as the SMS of the internet, Twitter is a very popular website today.

Considered as a social networking site equipped with a micro blogging service, users can send and receive messages in the form of tweets. These text based posts up to 140 characters are displayed on the author’s page and sent to the author’s subscribers, also known as followers. So Twitter is a great site to network although it could be very addicting for some. Still it remains to be a powerful conduit for sharing information from all around the world. Just this year, Twitter has recorded a 1,500 per cent growth in the number of registered users. Only in the first quarter of 2010, 4 billion tweets were posted. Now that is something to be considered seriously. So let’s have fun with twitter.

If you are into internet marketing, using Twitter should be your top tool priority. The good thing about twitter is that in this site, you get to be your own expert in your own field. This means that you can establish yourself in Twitter then people can follow you. It is more interactive since it involves an exchange of information. You can also get to check on other people in the site and follow them. Basically it is free, so it is very popular. You can find people from all age brackets and from alldifferent walks of life. All of these wonderful features of Twitter make it a very ideal tool for promoting our own website or more – our product. So with some simple steps, we can start attracting followers and also begin leading them into our own web site as well. So to best illustrate this technique, we need to:

1. First access the main page

2. Sign up for a new account. You only need your email address and your personal information. Choose a username and password. Before you start tweeting, please have your bio written and attach a link of your website there. You may even post a picture there or an icon of your own.

3. Once in, find people to follow you. Search for contacts in the site through the search option. Following is as simple as reading bios and clicking follow.

4. Communicate with the rest of the guys in the environment and try replying to other people’s post. Just start buzzing and soon enough you’ll find yourself closing that sale.

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