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5 Great Uses For RSS

RSS, what's the deal with people banging on about the death of RSS? RSS is every where, and super convenient with the help of an aggregator (like Google Reader) it brings the entire internets to you.

So perhaps it's time to run over a few of the myriad uses of RSS.

Subscribe to YouTube accounts

Receive instant updates for YouTube channels sent directly to your browser.

Monitor eBay

Monitor eBay keywords without having to constantly searching eBay every time you want to see if your super rare item is for sale. You can even receive updates for multiple domains, see results for the world.

Care About Wikipeadia?

Have a particular interest of an article(s) on Wikipedia or any Wiki for that matter, subscribing to the update feed will allow you to receive instant alerts when changes are made.

Follow on Twitter, No Account

Have an interest in a Twitter account, subscribe to the RSS feed of the account and every time they tweet you get hear about it without the need for a Twitter account of your own or needing to follow them.

The Good Old News

The news, most news/blog websites publish their articles via an RSS feed as well as via the normal HTML page. Meaning when they update an article you don't need to keep checking their website to read the article or the news it comes straight to you.

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